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 Overview of Services


The CRANN Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (AML) is a custom designed, 6,000 square foot facility, located in the Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus. The AML is located close to Grand Canal Quay, less than 10 minutes’ walk from the main TCD campus, in the district dubbed “emerald valley” by the IDA.


The centre houses a critical mass of high end scanning and imaging electron and ion beam microscopes for sample imaging down to atomic resolution, materials analytics/characterisation, and nanofabrication. Research vision and leadership is provided by CRANN/TCD academics. A dedicated team with blue chip multi-national industrial experience cater for the frontline needs of industry, often leading to longer term industry- academia partnerships.


 Location and hours of operation


Staff Hours Location


Monday to Friday 9am-5:30 pm.      



CRANN Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (AML)
Unit 27 -29
Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus,
Pearse Street (Grand Canal Quay)

Dublin 2 


Links and Resources

Advanced Microscopy Laboratory


CRANN Official Homepage


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Dermot Daly
Ion Beam Technician/Safety Officer
Ext. 4930
AML 1.13
Cathal McAuley
Operations Manager
Ext. 4933
Clodagh Dooley
SEM/Biological Materials Technician
Ext. 4358
AML 1.13
Clive Downing
TEM/STEM Technician
Ext. 4936
AML 1.13
Dr Eoin K. McCarthy
TEM/Lithography specialist
Ext. 4936
AML 1.13